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Comprehensive Curriculum aligned to the State Academic Standards

Innovano’ curriculum includes the following courses:

o   200+ core semester courses aligned to State Academic Standards
o   80+ CTE courses
o   Electives including courses, fine arts, world languages, and health and physical education
o   AP® courses
o   Test prep
o   K-12 remediation courses.

Innovano provides grade level-specific curricula for grades K-12. Curriculum which is aligned to State Academic Standards for all core subjects: English, Math, Science, and SocialStudies. Each course has scaffolded projects that allow students to build on prior knowledge while attaining a higher level of understanding. Supplemental materials allow students additional practice to reinforce objectives covered in each lesson. In addition, forum topics are in place for students to apply writing practices in all grade levels which gives connections to real world applications. A wide array of electives are offered for high school students that are aligned to their appropriate state and national standards. Each course includes a variety of leveled thinking activities as well as the use of graphic organizers along with the online blended-learning format, allowing students to learn as they progress through the material.

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